Long Crack Repair

Combination break is a bullseye 
with a star break in the middle.Type your paragraph here.

Bullseye break. The dark circle 
encompassed by and surrounding 
the impact point.  Typically any 
small radiating clucks will converge
into the bullseye.  This is an open 
air space.  The darkness is caused 
by light refraction (bending of 
light rays) in this open area.Type your paragraph here.

Star breaks are the most 
common break. Drilling may be 
necessary and the repair must 
be done carefully to prevent 
further spreading of cracks.Type your paragraph here.


​Key Benefits

     Save your original equipment (OE) windshield. Did you know that no vehicle
manufacture (Toyota, GM, Honda, etc) would put the the windshield your 
insurance company participant shops install in a vehicle? That is because there 
is no contract to limit the residual stress and a higher percentage would crack 
before the vehicle was sold.  They are made in different factories even though it
has the same name as the OE windshield. These windshields are called ARG 
which stands for Auto Replacement Glass. These windshields crack, fracture and
sand pit easier than OE windshields. They also violate every product liability law
and doctrine in the books.
     SAFETY - Save the Original Factory Seal. Did you know that 80% of 
windshield replacements are done improperly? This has been reported on ABC's 
20/20 and Fox News three times. This was reported because the windshield is 
30 -70% of the roof support in a rollover crash and an improper installation can
cause the windshield to blow out. The windshield is also part of the crash pulse 
telling the airbag when to go off and is the backboard for the passenger side 
airbag. An improper replacement can alter the crash-pulse, eliminating the air 
bag feature and cause the windshield to blow out when the air bag goes off.
     Cost Savings of a windshield crack repair is 50-75% less than a replacement
and is done in 20-30 minutes while you wait.Type your paragraph here.

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